Our Mission

Mosquitoes are everyone's worst nightmare. Not only are they a pain in the a** but they also spread diseases like no other. It's no wonder why they have been named the world's most deadly creature. Nearly 700 million people every single year, get a mosquito-borne illness, resulting in over one million deaths. But don't worry, Trapp!® is here for you and your families protection.

Our Approach

Combining visual elegance and functionality, Trapp!® will knock those blood suckers dead. We created a powerful system that turns mosquitoes natural hunting mechanisms against them. By using features such as a Violet LED Bionic Wave, human body temperature imitation, and the release of CO2, no mosquito can resist the attraction. Once sucked into our 7 blade vortex fan, there is no escape from death. All in all, Trapp!® is eco-friendly, non-toxic, chemical-free, kid-safe, pet-friendly, and aesthetically magnificent.
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